Waiting for Treatment

Too many people in the UK are waiting for access to treatment for mental health problems. Talking therapies in particular can be difficult to access. There are long waiting lists for basic counselling for anxiety or mild depression. But for many people with more serious or complex mental health problems, accessing treatment can be nigh on impossible. Specialised treatment for Personality Disorders is particularly sparsely available. Treatment for OCD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder or PTSD can also be very difficult to get. People may have treatment recommended by their care team, which is then refused as it is either not available in their area, or is too expensive for the PCT to fund. They can wait years for the treatment they need to restart their lives. Meanwhile they are existing in a form of  limbo and the country loses the benefit of their talents.

Rethink is running a campaign called Fair Treatment Now. They are aiming to raise awareness of this issue, and of the difficulties faced by people with a mental health diagnosis who cannot access treatment.

The Waiting for Treatment page on this site will contain the stories of people who want to share their experiences. Its inspired by @hidihidi on Twitter, who has already waited 10 months for recommended treatment, and is uncertain when this will happen for her.

If you would like your story told there, then please add it using the comments box, contact me on Twitter: @mindinflux or by email: mindinfluxtweep@googlemail.com Your story can be as anonymous or public as you wish.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Treatment

  1. I am trying to learn about the British Health System, as it seems there are a lot of holes in it just as in America. I think it’s great that you are trying to bring awareness to the lack of care that people are getting and the amount of time it takes to receive treatment. Good for you!

    • What I will say in praise of the NHS compared to the US, is that in the US, I would not even get the offer of treatment, let alone have to wait for it.

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