The NHS is changing: tell us what you think

From MINDs website:

Contribute to Mind’s response to the new Health White Paper.

The Government’s health white paper sets out major changes to the National Health Service in England. Mind is responding and we would like to know your views.

The Government’s vision is that the NHS should be genuinely centred on patients and carers, with better outcomes, local clinical leadership, less bureaucracy and political involvement, greater say for citizens in its running and greater transparency.

Structural changes

Commissioning services

The Government intends to abolish Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities. GPs will be responsible for commissioning most NHS services in England – they will be grouped into consortia and given funds by a new NHS Commissioning Board which will oversee them.

Quality and consumer champion

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be the quality inspectorate for health and social care while Monitor will be the economic regulator. HealthWatch will be a new independent consumer champion within the CQC and Local Involvement Networks (LINks) will become local HealthWatches charged with ensuring that patient and carer feedback is fully utilised.

Local legitimacy and joining it all up

Local authorities will have new “health and wellbeing boards” responsible for joining up NHS, social care and health improvement commissioning.

What do you think?


The Government is consulting on the set of patient outcome goals that the NHS will have to focus on. They will be based around preventing premature death, enhancing quality of life, recovery, positive experience of care, and safety.

What outcomes do you want to see for people experiencing mental distress? Do you want to draw attention to particular groups or mental health needs? Are there areas of mental health care where you think outcomes are especially poor?


The Government says it will introduce meaningful choice of treatment and provider in mental health services.

What choices do you want in mental health services?


As the NHS consumer champion, HealthWatch and local HealthWatches will be the main platform for service users to influence the commissioning of services.

Do you think HealthWatch is a good idea? What would you want to see it do, and how would you like to see it working?

GP commissioning

Do you welcome more local decision-making about what services are commissioned, with GPs taking the lead? Or do you doubt that GPs will have the interest, capacity or knowledge to do mental health commissioning well? Will it mean innovative, responsive care or a postcode lottery? What do you think would be needed to make it work for mental health?

Any other comments

We welcome your views on any other aspect of the reforms or the overall impact of structural change in the NHS.

To contribute to Mind’s response, please send your comments by 4 October to: or

Health White Paper, Policy and Campaigns Unit, Mind, 15-19 Broadway, London E15 4BQ

You can respond directly to the Government’s consultation by 11 October.


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