Conditionality for Employment and Support Allowance customers

The DWP are consulting on Employment and Support Allowance and conditionality.

They are looking for opinions about requiring work related activities while being in receipt of ESA. Have your say by clicking here.


From the DWP website:

“Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) customers in the work-related activity group (WRAG) are expected to start preparing for a return to work. Currently, these customers are required to undertake work-focused interviews. The Government is looking to build on this by implementing existing primary powers to require customers to undertake work-related activity. This is activity which makes it more likely that the person will obtain or remain in work or be able to do so.

The Government is preparing regulations which will enable either providers or Jobcentre Plus to:

  • require ESA WRAG customers to undertake work-related activity
  • direct that the customer must undertake a specific activity to meet the work-related activity requirement.

We expect to use the powers flexibly so that the adviser can devise a tailored plan for each customer. This means that the nature, frequency and amount of work-related activity required could vary from customer to customer but the requirement must always be reasonable in the customer’s circumstances.  It will not be possible to require a person to undertake certain activities, such as medical treatment or actual work.

  • Do you agree that work-related activity powers should be used flexibly, and tailored to the circumstances of the individual?
  • In what circumstances is it appropriate to direct customers to undertake specific activities?
  • What should the consequences be if someone fails to comply with the work-related activity requirement without good cause?”


Share your opinions.


3 thoughts on “Conditionality for Employment and Support Allowance customers

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  2. If you tailor work related activities to the individual you will see that many recipients of ESA have been placed in this category wrongly. The idea that it is possible for (almost) every sick/disabled person to eventually find work, or even take part in these ‘activities’ is wrong and even your own DWP employees will tell you that for some of us the expectation that we can take part in courses etc is short sighted and places undue pressure on them and the recipient.

    • I agree. Many people have been put in the wrong category of ESA, or even put onto JSA when they should be in the Support group.

      Have you put your comment onto the DWP site? That’s precisely the sort of thing they need to hear.

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