Here’s my Plea for a Job

A Guest Post.

By PennyEssex

Ok, so now I am supposed to find work.

I am mid 50s, worked until 2 years ago ( so paid into the scheme that should ensure I’m looked after should I need to be) already had a year on contribution based ESA so here’s my plea for a job !!!

I am unable to walk or stand for long due to Psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis.

I can’t hold things as my hands are covered in psoriasis ( as are my feet and several other areas of my body) and my left hand is bent up with arthritis.

I have to attend consultants visits on a regular basis as well as my GP, my medication makes me sick, oh and some days I can’t get out of bed.

My husband helps me bathe and dress etc so he would have to come with me to support me.

So yes Mr Cameron, you want me to work?

Who do you think will employ me?


3 thoughts on “Here’s my Plea for a Job

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