Rethink is looking for people who have undergone the Work Capability Assessment for ESA.

From the Rethink website.

“Have you been assessed for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)? The assessment for ESA is called the Work Capability Assessment and is carried out by a company called Atos.

Rethink will is producing a guide to mental health for Atos assessors carrying out the Work Capability Assessment. It is more important than ever that the assessment is conducted fairly and accurately for people with mental health problems.

We will also be presenting a taster training sessions for all Atos assessors. We want to make sure we include your views in the guide and the presentation – so please fill in the feedback box below,


What should the medical assessors for ESA do differently?

Please only provide feedback if you have definitely undergone the the Work Capability Assessment which was introduced in 2008 to move people on Incapacity Benefit onto Employment & Support Allowance or Jobseekers’ Allowance.”


Click Here to give your feedback


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