Douglas Alexander outlines Labour’s stance on welfare

New shadow work and pensions secretary says guarantee of work is the key to cutting benefits


Douglas Alexander, the new shadow work and pensions secretary, today moved to clarify Labour‘s stance on welfare by saying he will back phased reform of housing benefit and stressing the party’s support for stricter incapacity benefit tests.

He also said he was broadly supportive of plans for a universal credit, the centrepiece of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare white paper, due to be unveiled next week, but set a series of tests for his support. The universal credit will unify most benefits and tax credits into a single payment.

In his first interview since taking on what is likely to be a central political battleground, Alexander told the Guardian his preference was a Danish model of the state guaranteeing work, and then obliging people to take the job or lose benefit. “This is a form of conditional welfare. Real guarantees of work, but real sanctions if the offer is not taken up.”….. click for full article


One thought on “Douglas Alexander outlines Labour’s stance on welfare

  1. Millions of employers cannot wait to take on people with disabilities you can see them all lining up at the job fairs. I’ve been to six job fair run by my local council and job center, guess how many employers turned up zero zilch none, guess how many so called work providers turned up. dozens. I was offered a free watch, free DVD and I was even given a letter by one saying if I did not attend a meeting my benefits would be stopped, I had this one removed by the Labour party when it was supposed to be a Welsh job provider using a scammer based in Ireland who send out letters which were threats.

    I saw two jobs providers fighting over which gave the best gifts and who you should join because once you sing on of course these providers will get £160 hand out.

    I left with a free pen, free watch and a DVD provider I dumped into the bin on the way out.

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