Rally against cuts.

From the DPAC website


RALLY AGAINST CUTS Nov 13 Birmingham

November 8, 2010


2 pm, NOVEMBER 13th


Join Disabled People Against Cuts ( DPAC) at an anti-cuts rally.

The cuts put forward by the coalition government in the budget and Comprehensive Spending Review will hit disabled people disproportionately hard. A recent DEMOS report says that by 2015 disabled people will lose £9.2 billion in benefits and that these cuts will negatively affect 3.6 million disabled people and carers.

Funding for care and support has already been dramatically slashed in many local authorities including Nottingham,( £72 million) and Norfolk ( £83 million). In Kensington and Chelsea a disabled woman’s overnight care has been removed and she has been given pads instead, although she is not incontinent.

Help us stop this being the world for disabled people in 2015

Add your voices to ours and say

No To Cuts That Will Kill


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