Benefits shake-up: work-shy to lose benefits for three years

From the Telegraph


Unemployed workers will be barred from claiming benefits for up to three years if they repeatedly refuse job offers under radical plans to reform the welfare system.

Anyone claiming unemployment benefit will have to sign a “three strikes and you’re out” contract setting out punishments for the work-shy. Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, will announce a “claimant contract” which will set out the sanctions against those refusing to take up offers of work.

Those who fail to accept a job offer, or refuse to apply for a position recommended by an employment adviser will, on the first occasion, lose their £64-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance for three months.

If they do it a second time their benefit will be halted for six months. If they refuse for a third time they will lose the benefit for three years.

Those who refuse to take part in unpaid community work, which will become mandatory as part of the Government’s new welfare-to-work plans, will be subject to the same penalties. ……… Click for Full article


2 thoughts on “Benefits shake-up: work-shy to lose benefits for three years

  1. Thats how stupid the government are to think people refuse jobs or that the Job center some how offer you jobs.

    The job center will give you three jobs that they have on offer even if your disabled, last time i had scaffolding, painting and decorator taxi driver, and I’m in a wheelchair.

    But when I was a Foreman of a large company not once did anyone refuse a job, they just made sure i knew they did not want the job, it’s easy you just say you know I drink a lot of a I take drugs, and i would in those days write unsuitable.

  2. Can people decide to refuse to sign such contract? it would be interesting to find out if they become powerless to these rules if such an agreement isn’t in force. But if it is an extension to the Jobseekers Agreement (JSAg) then the person couldn’t claim without it (except a few weeks).

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